Become a Workshop Facilitator

“Watching someone experience a light bulb moment is very special.”
— Shirley- a long-time volunteer from Northern Illinois


Workshop Facilitators often comment on the joy that it brings them to see participants realize that they can manage their own ongoing health conditions. 

Workshops are led by a team of two trained facilitators. Facilitators come from a variety of backgrounds and it is not necessary to have a job in the health professions to qualify as a workshop facilitator. Learning from the other people in the workshop is a crucial piece of the process. Therefore, in each two-person team, at least one facilitator should have experience with an on-going health condition. This increases the two-way connection between facilitators and participants, and encourages everyone to share experiences and solutions.

All facilitators must:

  • Complete four full days of training.
  • Complete one workshop within six months of finishing the training.
  • Have an agreement with a licensed organization they will work under while conducting workshops.

If this sounds like you, please complete the facilitator inquiry form and someone will reach out to you. We would love to have you on-board!


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