Essential Tools for the New and Returning Facilitator (a review)

Hi there new or returning facilitator! I’m sure you remember 100% of what we covered in your Take Charge of Your Health or Take Charge of Your Diabetes training. But, no one will object if I do a quick review of the most important stuff, right?

Help Me.JPG

As a facilitator you should become familiar with two important links. 

First, there is the link to our IL Pathways to Health website:

On this website you will find basic description of our program offerings, a map you can use to search for workshops and useful answers to frequently asked questions. Feel free to share this with partners and potential participants.

Most importantly, however, you will find the Facilitator Intranet login link at the bottom of the Home page. It looks like this:

Fac login screenshot.PNG

Login with this password: TakeCharge2@
There is no username needed to login. Do not share with those who are not trained facilitators currently working under a license.

Once logged in, you will be able to access:
-    All of the paperwork used during the workshop as well as instructions on how to use it and when to turn it in to AgeOptions. Please keep in mind that these forms will be getting revised within the next month. We will notify you when these are available. Only use the existing forms if you have a workshop that begins in December. 
-    Marketing materials! Email if there is a marketing tool you’re interested in but do not see on the intranet.
- Frequently asked questions! These get updated as we are asked more questions so please keep sending them our way! 

The second important link is to this wonderful blog!
The Fearless Facilitator will feature posts with useful tips and tricks as well as program updates. Make sure you subscribe to receive updates as soon as they are posted!

If you have any more questions that are not covered by the website or blog, feel free to send them to the pros listed here:

  • Sara Caudillo, the Health Education Implementation Coordinator, can provide support with facilitator coaching, workshop scheduling and fidelity, recruitment and related issues.
  • Nikki Briggs, the Health Education Systems Integration Specialist can provide support to the Illinois Pathways to Health referral, data management system, and reimbursements.
  • Joan Fox, the Health Education Program Assistant, can assist with logistics such as training registration, program support/marketing materials, and scheduling meetings.

Thank you for joining us in the quest to improve health outcomes for our community members, clients and patients throughout Illinois. We look forward to working with you!