Workshop Tips and Tricks

Thanks for stopping by our first Workshop Tips and Tricks post! We have a few very useful tips to share with you today. 

  1. The holiday season is here and the end of the year is near! Although we know that people often consider themselves too busy to attend a workshop during the winter, we encourage you to instead use this as a motivating factor to get older adults enrolled. Better self-management is a great New Year’s resolution!
  2. Follow the 1 minute rule! Sharing personal anecdotes about your own road towards successful self-management often helps make you and the material more interesting and relatable. However, sharing should not be used to frame yourself as an authority on the subject, nor take too long. Make sure you or your co-facilitator aren’t talking about yourselves for more than 1 minute at a time. This ensures that you give workshop participants time to share as well!
  3. Who doesn’t love a vibrant, engaged group of older adults? Brainstorm Rules should be read during the first session and then simply posted up where everyone can see them during remaining sessions. Re-visit these rules only if and when you feel the group needs a reminder, but hopefully not during every session.
  4. The Attendance Sheet is not a sign in sheet. Facilitators should do their best to fill this out legibly with all participants full names. Our data people thank you in advance for implementing this tip!

Have questions about these tips? Suggestions for our next post? Leave a comment below!