Workshop Tips and Tricks - Vol. 2

Happy New Year everyone!

Here are some tips and tricks to get you off on the right foot for 2018.

1.    New year, new forms?
That’s right. All our workshop forms have received an update. Lucky for you, they have already been uploaded on the Facilitator Intranet page. You should expect to begin using these for your next workshop. Need a refresher on how to access that or what the password is? Check out the Essential Tools for the New and Returning Facilitator post

2.    New Year’s Resolution Suggestion: Get organized. (A.K.A. New year, new forms part 2)
We will now be using separate forms for Take Charge of Your Health and Take Charge of Your Diabetes workshops. The Diabetes forms are distinct and longer but should be easy to find on the facilitator intranet page. Please keep this in mind as you prepare for your workshops.  

3.    New Year’s Resolution Suggestion: Try something new.
If your organization also leads A Matter of Balance workshops, you’ve probably already noticed that the IL Pathways website is now also hosting MOB content. In the process of adapting the website to include this change, we also have updated the link to register workshops, the Workshop Scheduling Form. If you are in the need of the link, please contact your Program Coordinator. They should have received it via email and also can find it on the Program Coordinator intranet. Please use the new link as the old one no longer will receive submissions. 

4.    New Year’s Resolution Suggestion: Read more often.
One of the best resources for those participating  in Take Charge workshops is the Living a Health Life book. We love it when participants seek us out to share what they learned. It’s easier for a facilitator to continue the conversation with thoughtful insight if they have also read the material. It’s not required, but something you may want to consider making time for, if you haven’t already.

**We ask that facilitators working under the AgeOptions' license remind participants of our “lending library” policy during Sessions 1 and 2. Although they are welcome to use the book for the duration of the workshop, participants should not write in or highlight text in the book unless they have plans to purchase.** 

Have questions about these tips? Suggestions for our next post? Leave a comment below!

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