Workshop Tips and Tricks - Vol. 3

1.       Cloudy with a Change of Nutrition Labels? Back in November 2017, we posted about a discrepancy in nutrition labels found in the Living a Health Life books. We’ve received some new formal guidelines from the SMRC on how to address this during your workshops. It involves a new handout and changes to your Facilitator Manual so please read the blog post with a full description here

2.       Groundhog Day? No, just another reminder about the new workshop paperwork. For those who may have not seen the previous post, the Health Education team just wanted to mention that we debuted new workshop and evaluation paperwork at the end of January 2018. You can find all the forms on the facilitator intranet portal (found at the bottom of the IL Pathways to Health website home page), as well as instructions on how and when to use them. Please remember that there are fewer and different forms used in the Take Charge of Your Health Workshops vs. the Take Charge of Your Diabetes workshops.

An ENORMOUS thank you to everyone who has been using the new forms properly. You rock!

Note: If your organization is a delivery partner with AgeOptions it is doubly important that all Diabetes workshop paperwork is completed legibly and in its entirety. Possible reimbursement funding is available through our Telligen contract for qualified individuals who complete Take Charge of Your Diabetes workshops. If the participant does not clearly fill out all their paperwork, it is not possible for us to screen for eligibility and thus process the reimbursement for the delivery partner.   

3.       We’ve got Mail! From you. 😊 If you are responsible for collecting and mailing in the participant evaluations and other workshop paperwork, please make sure you include the name of the site where the workshop took place somewhere with the packet. A sticky note within the envelope will do just fine.  

4.       Lost in Translation. We are happy to announce that we have dug our way out of our Spanish translation pile. All workshop forms are now available for Tomando Control de su Salud and Tomando Control de su Diabetes! You can find them on the facilitator intranet.

As always, please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for future "Workshop Tips and Tricks" posts. We look forward to hearing from you!