Workshop Tips & Tricks - Vol. 4

You’re right (Isn’t it nice to hear that?). It HAS been too long since our last Tips & Tricks post, so let’s dive right in.

1. We’ll be your “Bridge over troubled water”. Please make sure to reach out to us when there is a concern about maintaining fidelity. This often occurs in the form of your own or co-facilitator’s emergencies and illnesses. Our office should always be contacted and informed so that we can either confirm that your “back up plan” falls within fidelity, fill in when possible, or help you create a Plan B. Remember that we are also always here for guidance in non-emergency situations as well. If it is your first workshop, your first workshop in a while, or anywhere in between, we are here to help!

2.“What we want, baby you got it”. We collect data because we want you to get the R-E-S-P-E-C-T you deserve for all you’ve accomplished. Please make sure that you are matching the correct paperwork to your session (Take Charge of You Diabetes paperwork and Take Charge of Your Health paperwork is not identical). Paperwork can be found on the facilitator intranet portal and is separated by workshop topic and language.

3. We’re going to “Say a little prayer” for all of you that send us Attendance Sheets where the names are clearly printed (by the facilitators) and there are no scribbles anywhere. Although many of you have beautiful script, the cursive can be hard to read sometimes, so please when you’re filling these out.

This also applies to the Telligen paperwork. Please make sure participant names are written on all forms. We appreciate it more than you could imagine!

4. The SMRC is asking us all to “Think”. Many of you have expressed a desire to provide feedback about the Take Charge of Your Health program and facilitator manual and the time is here. The SMRC (Self-Management Resource Center) is actively looking for feedback and you can do this by completing the survey found here. This link is open to the public so you may share this with past participants as well.

Just remember that the feedback should be for the workshop, not the book.
They plan on closing the feedback period by next Monday, September 17th, so don’t delay!

Have questions about these tips? Suggestions for our next post? Leave a comment below