Workshop Tips & Tricks - VOL. 6

Can your participants hear what you are saying? Can they see what you are writing? How can you tell? Well, just ask them…

At the beginning of your workshop when all the name tags have been written and the participants are seated and settled in to listen, give this a try. After you have read (or said in your own words) the first couple of introductory paragraphs of the leader’s manual, let the participants know that this will be the voice you will use throughout the workshop. Ask them if they can hear. If not, speak up; or you can always suggest they move closer. 

Can everybody see and read brainstorm questions? Do your markers work? Does the text show up well on a white board or chart paper? What color markers are best for reading? The Take Charge Team has found that blue and black markers are the easiest colors for the participants to see and read. How do we know? We just asked them. We cannot always control the lighting at a location; sunshine could stream in through the windows or overhead lights could create a glare. Make sure your participants can read their ideas.

Do you have some tricks of the trade or a tip to to share? If so, please email Danielle Riley with your suggestions. Thanks!