Friendly Reminder

Extending workshops - This winter has truly been a challenging one with excessive snow, sleet and record low temperatures; Spring can't arrive soon enough! Due to the winter weather, several workshops had to be canceled, postponed, delayed or extended additional weeks. If that should happen with your workshop where the week, day or time must be adjusted, please email Joan Fox at with your updates. That way all records will reflect the correct information in our database. Thank you!

Telligen Forms - Please continue to encourage participants to complete all Telligen forms. To access all diabetes-specific data collection forms, log into the Facilitator Intranet on the IL Pathways to Health website.

Wufoo Registrations - When you register a workshop, it can take up to four days before you either see the workshop listed on the IL Pathways to Health website or receive a link to the registration forms (if requested). We thank you in advance for your patience with this process.