Workshop Tips & Tricks - VOL. 5

  1. Have you been experiencing recruitment and retention challenges? Well worry no more, because the Health Education Team has created a tool to help you. The Pre-Workshop Checklist and Participant Recruitment Plan provides you with general guidelines to ensure you and your identified host sites are on t rack for workshop implementation and includes possible strategies to assist with recruiting participants. This document has been extremely helpful within our team in securing workshops and ensuring that host sites understand the importance of their involvement in the recruitment process. Some examples of recruitment strategies:

  • Promote at monthly gatherings or lunches

  • Include information in your newsletter

  • Find patients, clients or community leaders that can act as ambassadors for the program

    For other strategies, view the full document here.

2. March is National Nutrition Month!

We all know the importance of healthy eating and cover it in great detail throughout our workshops. If you happen to be looking for additional resources for your workshop participants (only to be shared after the session has ended), the National Council on Aging has got you covered! There are several tips for making healthy food choices with interactive tools such as MyPlate.

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