The Fearless Facilitator – Tips and Tricks for Foolproof Workshops

The Health Education team has always striven to find ways to better connect with our facilitators. We recognize that even the most seasoned facilitator can use clarity about certain fidelity guidelines and that newer facilitators thrive more when they feel like a part of a community. That is why we are using our new IL Pathways to Health website to its fullest capacity and launching our new blog “The Fearless Facilitator – Tips and Tricks for Foolproof Workshops”. You can look forward to brief monthly postings that will serve to answer the most frequently asked questions of the moment and provide suggestions on how to improve workshops (for yourselves AND the participants!). 

We feel that the blog format will be more useful than a traditional email blast because it will also allow you to re-visit past topics and read up whenever you need a refresher. Furthermore, our blog will feature a comment section. Have a burning question? Looking for additional guidance on a topic that was highlighted in a posting? Have suggestions on future “Fearless Facilitator” topics? Leave a comment with contact information and an AgeOptions Health Education team member will get back to you directly!

Keep an eye out for our first “Workshop Tips and Tricks” post. We look forward to your feedback. Thanks!