IL Pathways to Health



What We Do


What is IL Pathways to Health?

IL Pathways is an initiative designed to connect people who are interested in bettering their health and well-being with programs that are proven to do just that. Our network helps connect people to free workshops that take place in a variety of community settings throughout Illinois.

Our workshops are broken down into three types:
Self-Management Programs
Falls Prevention & Physical Activity Programs
Wellness/Mental Health Programs

Get Involved


How can I get involved?

There are three main ways to join our team: become a workshop facilitator, host a workshop at your location, and become a partner. However, these are only examples. We are always open to innovative ideas for partnership! Contact us if you have other ideas!


Become a Facilitator

We offer training to become a facilitator for staff members of our partner organizations, as well as those who are looking to volunteer. Currently, we offer the opportunity to become a Take Charge Facilitator and A Matter of Balance Coach. Learn more

Host a Workshop at Your Location

Hosting a workshop means you are willing to provide a space for those in your community to meet and participate in our programs. Learn more

Become a Program Partner

We offer several different opportunities to partner with us to help expand our program infrastructure. We also offer the opportunity to partner with us by adding your program to our IL Pathways website. Learn more