Savvy Caregiver Leader Resources

After the last workshop session, email attendance sheet, participant registration packets, and any completed participant surveys to Cynthia Ayala at AgeOptions:

Course Materials for Leaders

Data Collection Checklist- Instructions for data collection from registration to last session 

Attendance SheetExcel Document

Attendance Sheet- Printable Form

Session 1 Data Collection Script- To be read aloud to participants during Session 1 

Session 1 Virtual Data Collection ScriptTo be read aloud to participants during Session 1 

Photo Media Release- This form is optional; to be used if collecting testimonials or taking pictures. Feel free to edit to add your organization's information.


Forms for Participants

Participants can choose one of the following options when completing paperwork:

  • Complete a paper form or fillable PDF
  • Register for a participant portal on the IL Pathways website and complete forms directly in the portal

Session 1 Participant Registration Packet 

Option 1:

Option 2:

  • Participants who self-registered for the class using the ILPTH website already completed these required forms during registration. If the participant did not self-register, then send them a printable/fillable PDF to complete.


Links and Other Materials

Zoom Instructions- For online workshops