Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention Leader Resources

Update: Our current funding cycle for fall prevention programs under the Administration for Community Living 2019 grant to the Illinois Pathways to Health Initiative has concluded.

If you continue to facilitate fall prevention programing-

  • Please register your workshops on the ILPTH website.
    This helps you because:
    • AgeOptions invested funds to do large scale media campaigns to include a commercial, banner ads, redirecting and geofencing. This will increase visibility of your workshops and increase brand awareness for your organization.
    • We will track leader certification and keep you up to date when leaders are nearing expiration.
    • It will allow AgeOptions to help support your workshops with technical assistance as needed.
  • Register participants and pre and post surveys into ILPTH (scroll down to view workshop forms).
    This helps us all because:
    • You can have your own customized data and outcome reports.
    • AgeOptions is actively seeking continued funding support for all health promotion efforts statewide and we pull data and outcome reports for proposals.

If you will NOT be entering class participant data into ILPTH, please email the attendance sheet and completed participant forms to joan.fox@ageotions.org.

ILPTH Program Quick Reference- Program guidance for facilitating Tai Chi. Details regarding max number of participants, cut off for new participants to join, workshop length and session time.

Course Materials for Leaders

Data Collection ChecklistInstructions for data collection from registration to last session 

Attendance SheetExcel Document

Attendance Sheet- Printable Form

Session 1 Data Collection ScriptTo be read aloud to participants during Session 1

Session 1 Virtual Data Collection ScriptTo be read aloud to participants during Session 1

Photo Media Release- This form is optional; to be used if collecting or taking pictures. Feel free to edit to add your organization's information English - Spanish


Forms for Participants

Participants can choose one of the following options when completing paperwork:

  • Complete a paper form or fillable PDF
  • Receive a link to complete an electronic form (through Microsoft Forms)
  • Register for a participant portal on the IL Pathways website and complete forms directly in the portal

Note: If you choose to you use Microsoft Forms, the surveys are submitted directly to AgeOptions. AgeOptions will complete the data entry. 

Session 1 Participant Registration Forms and Pre-Survey

Option 1:

Option 2:

  • Link to Electronic Participant Registration Packet and Pre-Survey- Email us at info@ilpathwaystohealth.org to request a survey link for your specific workshop

Option 3:

Session 1 Handouts for Participants

(One form per participant)

Welcome Letter- The welcome letter provides an intro to the program and the forms that participants will receive. The letter can be mailed to participants with workshop forms for online workshops- English - Spanish

Last Session Forms

Option 1:

Option 2:

  • Link to Electronic Participant Post-Survey- Email us at info@ilpathwaystohealth.org to request a survey link for your specific workshop. 

Option 3:

  • Participant Guide for ILPTH Portal- Instructions that can be sent to participants for completing electronic forms on the ILPTH participant portal (These are the same instructions that are available above for completing Session 1 forms)


Links and Other Materials

Email Templates- For leaders to send to participants for online workshops

Zoom Instructions- For online workshops


Marketing Materials

IL Pathways to Health Logo

ILPTH Evidence Based Program Flyer

Falls Series Program Flyer

Home Safety Checklist- Feel free to update the flyer with your organization's logo English - Spanish

ILPTH Outreach Toolkit Template- This Toolkit includes templates for flyers, posters, social media posts, etc. You will need to have a Canva account to access the template and create a COPY to make edits (DO NOT EDIT THE TEMPLATE). If you need help doing so, please refer to our ILPTH Outreach Toolkit User Guide.